This series of collages explores the experience of women being raised to hide their true self behind a social mask. I am interested in how popular culture exploits girls and women by perpetuating myths about what it means to be female. 


I cut and rip facial features of women from contemporary magazines in order to tear apart the superficial image of self, and burrow down through the painful layers that have them imprisoned. I reassemble the ragged remnants into portraits that expose fragmented psyches.


As I listened to the voices of the women who appear in my collages, they spoke of society’s dark side, an emotional landscape of psychological and physical abuse. These reconstructed images explore the tension between hiding and revealing the essential self, between keeping  silent and speaking out to expose systemic oppression and the secret wounding of women.  


The question that the women in these portraits ask is,

“Will I live in perpetual brokenness or do I rise above the shattering?"